POETRY Reading: Nowhere to Go (A Haiku Cycle), by P. James Norris

Performed by Val Cole


Where to Go?

On cold winter ground,
Under a warm winter sun,
The coyote rests.
Rests in a culvert,
Wild thing in the land of man:
A genteel golf course.
A golfer walks past–
Nature has intruded here!
–Eyeing coyote.
He eyes a rabbit.
Then moves slowly, with a limp,
His right hind leg hurt.
The hurt must be old–
He seems cautious, but content,
Stalking the rabbit.
Rabbit’s nose twitches,
But coyote is downwind.
Neither sense their end.
Man senses a threat.
He comes armed with a rifle,
Claims it a kindness.
Man claims evermore.
Coyote has nowhere else,
In winter to go.


Author: poetryfest

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