Poetry Reading: YOU PRETENDING, by Bridget Pervalle

Performed by Val Cole

YOU PRETENDING, by Bridget Pervalle

I made a wanted list molding you
Serenading pleading God for you
You came during a great trauma
Dressed slick wolves clothing
I thanked God for sending you
Then prayed for forgiveness
I was a blind beggar refusing to see
Every caress penetration deceiving
Bravo to your performance
How exhausting your deception
You cradled my heart gently
Put me in deep sleeps intimately
Often I wake falling crying yelling
You dropping me from high up
Your vows galloping lies heavy
The universe hearing witness
Our breathe ahh and mmm
Accepting no room unwanted
You pretending you holding me
When I’m shattered at the bottom
When you’re not looking I see me
See fully where your mind put me
Like a bread crumb under a table
You stole something priceless
Left my heart mind spirit splitting
Priceless gem you never deserve
A robber thief burglar jive talker
At night you glitter like gold
Midnight you reject me like Absalom
Sun rises reflecting speckles of fools gold
You leaving a trail flying red flags
Flags my heart overlooked in brokenness
Taking accountability for my hurt
I let you in while weak and fragile
All I wanted was it to be real
One heart soul beating breathing
Becoming one with eternity
Grateful for latter days
Accepting it’s time to heal
Resting like sleeping Beauty
I’ll keep resting no worrying
Not waking up until you find me
Awakening me with a kiss
A kiss so indescribable
I’ll be seeing stars of the universe
Connecting with my whole being
Thinking I’ve known you a lifetime


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