Read Poem: HATRED, by Maria Stelmach

I sit covered in the dark, overwhelmed with washed colors,
Suspended in limp between brightness and the depth of black.
Bitter and uncontrollable,
Distracted and hot,
Burned and empty
And at the same time as full as never before.
Members of the infinite heat,
Unhealed ….
Eternal, ongoing.
And this heat is trying to pour outside, get out of me
As if I was just a shell, a toy that he liked.
I don’t want to give up to him
At the same time, his presence soothes me.
He calms down, drinks pride and happiness
And promises better.
And when I stand here in the dark my body wraps the gait,
He pierces my bones, but he can’t reach it.
He is still glowing there, the rays of the scarlet.
And I am, I am standing, I am a shell.
An empty dish of the fire standing on the ice.
I am and I am not
Because he is – fire.
He consumed me and will not return his property,
The body will not be renounced,
It will not go through the air.
Has a soul only sometimes not peaceful willow, it rebels,
But what about it, since the body of a burning scarlet cannot get rid of.
And although the frightened eyes of the corpses,
coal -fired coal of a scarlet,
Before my eyes, visions are taking place,
And although human members digested in red,
So how can I stop?
This fire is ongoing and is getting harder, it explodes with heat,
Boiling blood …


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