Read Poem: What if I Could?, by Sara Perry


What if I could fly high like a bird in the sky ?

What if I could float up above on a cloud filled with love?

What if I could survive a lightening storm or reach out and touch the dawn ?

What if I could flow with ease on a summer breeze?

Or manifest a rainbow over sparkling seas?

What if I could paint the morning sun, each day and every day just for fun?

What if i could reach the highest peak
Or finally find the answers that I seek?

What if I could ride the largest wave or be brave when things start to change?

What if I could cry a bay full of tears
Or swim in the sea whilst releasing my fears?

What if I took one step back to make a connection?
I may we’ll see direction within my reflection.

What if I had the courage to set myself free?
I maybe one step closer to a possible dream.

So if I take a chance to believe in me would I then see the future as I wish it to be?


Author: poetryfest

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