Read Poem: I’M FINE, REALLY, by Inger Tudor

I’m Fine, Really by Inger Tudor
I’m fine, really
Just ignore the frayed edges of my emotions
Never mind the shadows dusting the contours of my cheeks

There’s nothing to see in the red-rimmed eyes staring distantly off
I told you, I’m fine
Despite stifled sounds of sobbing
Silences held too long as I retreat inside scattered thoughts

Fail to return even a single phone call
I‘m doing okay
Though sleep hides as if it’s been tagged
Or blankets me with a weight I cannot escape
As dreams toss me about to throw me on the shores of waking
Taunting me with whispers of what they may have held

I promise you, I’m good
Even as I wade through cement
Each step a Sisyphean slog through a swamp of uncertainty
Questioning the why of how I push forward

Don’t worry about me
There is no hint of darkness creeping over my shoulder
Haze of unconsciousness inching closer
Winding itself around me
Wrapping me in an irresistible womb of blackness

Seriously, I’m alright
As interest in this thing here slackens
Longing for that over there fades away
Joy becomes a distant memory echoing faintly

No need for you to worry
Though I retreat to my room with each return home
Welcoming the isolation as solace from the day
The safety of my solitary sanctuary
Pretending not to hear soft knocks at my door

Thank you for your concern,
But really, I don’t need it–
Just my daily routine, I’m used to it.
But if for some reason you don’t see me tomorrow,
Remember, I said I was fine.


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