Read Poem: FINDING MYSELF IN ANIMAL FORMS, by Christopher M. Greene

The supposition of flesh
Leads inward toward the self
Where body holds no familiarity
Shape gathers movement
Scratching at the salt
To reveal a meaning
Written a long time ago
On the air
On the backs of…
Behind tooth and claw
Where I first met my forms
Shifting again and again
Each evolution declares my structure
As winds circulate the winged circles
Of each existential recollection
Once again I find a body
No longer speaking specific dialects
Stretched and pulled
I begin another circle as animal
Born from earth and breath
Death is at once alive
A neoteric vision to discover the way
As I once observed the ancient play
The perception of space and time
Where infinity embraced obscurity and the arcane smile
Matter and mountain and momentum
Knowing while not knowing
Forgetting while not forgetting
Each tongue collecting dust
Waiting for the apropos silence
Each eye alert while the other is shut
Dreaming of being awake
Somewhere aware
Reaching closer to the acts of the amaranthine Mother.


Author: poetryfest

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