Read Poem: Crystal Mountain, by Radhaa Nilia

Here I am.
Cradled by the Jewel of the Mountains
A pilgrimage two thousand three hundred miles to bow before HER.
It took months of preparation, organization, and sheer willpower.
The Great Divine Mother Mountain nourishes my heart and soul.
She has carried me through my greatest transformations
After my surgery, she gave me strength; she put my pieces back together
She gave me life and made me whole.
And now I come again in my new adventure
stretched out, surrendering myself before her
She helps me release that which is not mine but is not real.
I witness the false matrix shed away.
She reminds me of who I am. My higher calling, my soul, awakens.
You see, no illusions can live upon her.
Those who could not handle her power left mad or killed themselves
But not me. I run to Her Crystalline energy.
Eager to wash every part of my being as I stand naked before her.
Humbled and Grateful, a Heart full of Devotion
I am ready to serve.


Author: poetryfest

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