Read Poem: FEAR, by Aman Bhanot

A sensation of nerves melting,
Mentally breaking me down,
Release my soul inside its cage,
Am I a dream, or am I a memory,
Am I with you, or am I without reality,
Like a drummer beating my heart and dragging my breath,
The clock ticks, and ticks, and ticks,
So is every moment gone vanished forever!
But then I blink and he is here again,
Watching me through the window,
How could I run inside this cage?
My dreams are paralyzing me again,
I wake up and see it over again,
Again, I count twenty heartbeats fewer,
Twenty heartbeats lost,
Who is the one, I am finding?
Who is the one, I am hiding?
The anger is my pain, and the pain in my vexation,
The vexation makes me angry, and again the pain follows…
I need a light followed by a sound to be the clue.
But as an unsolved riddle,
I open my eyes, and it’s all gone,
Then there is a sign, which brings the sound and everything turns into Darkness.
I couldn’t cry, Mama, I couldn’t complain,
I couldn’t stay, and I couldn’t leave,
I couldn’t be satisfied,
I just can’t run from my mind,

Can I?


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