Read Poem: MOM, IS EVERYTHING ALRIGHT THERE?, by Mediseh Bathaei

One day in the past,
They took everything.
I would say,
They took their lives and went somewhere safe.
Like the rest.
Those who could leave the country did.
Those who stayed, some went to the North.
Some to the East.
Men to the South.
South to the war
War to the wall.
Walls of a cage,
Cage as a country!

Happy mother’s day mom.
Take us all with you again,
In to the Volkswagen, we used to have.
Let’s put it all behind us.
These bombings of the blood
Let’s bomb the rain.
That’s what we need.
Everything is dry.
Our land is cracked.
And the lake is gone!
Time is frozen,
Here and there.
It’s all repeating Mom,
Over and over again.
Live in a circle.
Circle of the earth.
I’m scared as hell.
I want to be like you, one day!
Mother of a child,
Feed her happiness,
From my blood,
Rooted in the soil.
Like the picture of you and your firstborn child.

Happy Birthday sister,
You are a mom,
Growing a child.
Let her play into the dust.
Like the rest of us.
I’m still scared,
Our soil is tied up with the oil
Oil brings the war
War as a witch
Witch of the darks.
Tell me this now,
Will everything be alright?


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