Read Poem: I’M NEW, by Fernando

I’m not the man I used to be,
The maximum I am now is just a leftover trail of what I was
I am a mortified past, giving life to a new version of me,
Not being yet so pure, not even ungodly and refreshed,
I am now just an altered being, modified by the past that once
determined me,
I am a new still apathetic, under constant construction, still
pale and fragile,
For my dead version punished itself in rough living and foolish
Who roamed in murky stretches in singular caresses coexistence,
Where only I unfolded myself in loving embraces and courtesies,
Now, I don’t want to be good anymore when it’s not worth it,
For people my words aren’t meant for, those undeserving,
People cold and quiet in arrogance and selfishness,
I no longer want them as partners in life, they are ugly and
busy in their social laziness,
That drag on dry ground, that fatigued my tolerance,
I just got tired of everything, an exhaustion that invigorated
me and edified me to be ready,
To be willing to decipher each one, to learn to live as they
taught us,
I’m just like them, before them, I’m how I should be before
someone like me.


Author: poetryfest

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