Read Poem: Michou, by Katrin Butt

Just one look from you and the black shield in front of my heart shatters,
frees the old gem sparkling in all colors,
brings to light
the lost believed, already almost forgotten
known beautiful now new and captivating,
Please touch me
with your hand!
Let the crust of lost hours burst.
That it falls off, behind it the bright sapphire, the new found.
That is also in you
the bright pink sapphire.
In the middle the dark blue amethyst
that is what I am and is what you are.
For a long time I have
laughing danced with you the dance in my dream.
On the dusty dirty streets of the metropolises,
wild and happy nestled close together,
gold glittering in the space created by the rosebushes.
suspecting that the wind
will carry you to me one day.
Into my reality,
into my world.
You are like a Christmas celebration with candlelight, the table set, on it candlesticks decorated with mountain crystals.
A beautiful firework in all colors, when in the night the old year becomes the new one.
A volcano erupting and lava spraying on my skin, I do not feel the heat long,
Turned to sugar, licorice it is then.
You are like an earthquake in Paris
when the asphalt of the streets shatters, shatters
but the old material, seems only briefly destroyed,
turns into diamond building material to create beautiful new cities, worlds glittering in the sunlight.
That’s how you are to me,
all at the same time
and I love you.
May I touch you too?
May I kiss you? With my kisses free you from what is too much, too bright?
That it disintegrates,
that part of the blue amethyst..,
that is part of you and of me
That you don’t know yet.
If you want
I’ll show it to you.
Just a smile from you
and my sun in me shines to your sun in you.
With my smile to you, I give you back the received happiness.
The room is warmed by sunshine we will be happy.


Author: poetryfest

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