Read Poem: Deaths of Despair, by Pablo C Vergara

Shadow figures
Don’t be shy
Come dance with me
Under the Moonlight

Come dance with me and
My torment
And my pain
Serenade this cold heart
Through his Endless Night

Run with me into the hills
Let us hide from the light
One more time
And sing to our sorrows
Wishing for another Dawn
Were we can kiss Eternal
Into our endless sleep

Come dance with me

Come dance with me

Come dance with me

Soft Linen nights on
stranger’s beds
Mourning lights
Of Macedonian Wine
A town I cannot spell the name
Voices that speak no meaning
A stray wild cat with a missing eye and a hunger for life
A seagull suspended under the gray clouds
But she is trying to reach somewhere
While the Ocean dances violently
And the freezing kiss of dawn
A window to a time of dull emptiness
And yet this furious restless heart
Exalts the red red kroovy
The pills numb the senses
But the body feels the weight of their departure
A stone metamorphosis
Sinking me deep
I’ve slept for days but the pounding and shoving of life’s demises keep me in a stupor
An endless welcoming slumber
That feels like Death
A mix of poisons to numb the demons that rape me religiously
I told her softly
I should make a Sect out of this Pain
Make it count for something
Is this how it feels to be free?

I am the loneliest man I know

I want to lick your filth disease
And dance to the funeral marches
Of your misery

Flying Colors
But the promise of Death
Floats around our projecting shadows

Dirt and the stench of Sulphur
Permeates our nightly dangers
A single light paves the way to our Sanctuary

But lost and alone we pray for the Angels to take us home
Devils and Deviants constellations of Pain
We will lick our wounds
And savior the pain
Our loyal companion

The only thing that speaks the truth
As the world burns
And decays into absolution

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