Read Poem: Punctuated Equilibrium, by Jack Silver

Little fossils.
Little lives.
Little me they all despise.
Little focus.
Little gin?
To… the end, where we begin.
Battered memories.
Barefaced bruises.
Thought invading as it chooses.
Clenching tension.
Shale for jaw.
Shards imploding.
Bone-strewn shore.
Tired evolving.
Fight not flight.
Burgess rejects haunt my night.
Under cover in the rain.
Drown the tears.
Drink the pain.
Still escaping
forces tidal,
The unfittest
of survivals.
Crave extinction.
End the era.
On this cliff face,
“now” draws nearer.
sank emotion.
Semi- colon;


Author: poetryfest

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