Read Poem: Reaching for you, by Freddy Romm

My dream, my hope are not forever,
We can’t, we can’t be always together.
My love, my feeling, all my soul
Forbidden are once.
Just say: why fight for the love remaining?
Just say: why are we so much self-paining
If no chance, we have no chance?

Love is the miracle we are needing,
The only rescue when heart is bleeding.
But we do know – love vanishes once, no trace.
Just say – why, how can, do we guess it
In this infinite and sweet pain blessed
That I am yours, and you are mine – the only in space?

You see – so long we have had to wander,
Across worlds foggy too strange to wonder
To see one other just one time – and never again.
The fate, the space and the time – together,
They command us: stop your struggle forever!
And leave your hope! And do not complain!

Love lost – always in the world around.
No voice – you leave and are never found.
My wish is to revive our love, take away from death!
My love! I am seeking for you whenever!
My love! I am reaching for you wherever!
Whenever and wherever I can live, mind and breath!

My planet flies in the space alone
We cannot see its carriage unknown
The duty and the love each day disturb us and call.
That’s why I am reaching for you anywhere,
Always I am reaching for you forever.
I find you once! Through so strange time, space, and through all!


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