Read Poem: Sunbirds & Snowbirds, by Linda Frothingham

I am finally back.
All is quiet on the warm coastal beach.
And such clean ocean air!
I so need this, whatever “this is”. It’s been so long.
I just have time for a short walk.
I have work to do. I’m just stopping to have my coffee…
And a quick look around at the vista.

The early morning sun is casting shadows.
I watch a silhouetted seagull fly across the water and land.
And then another…
I swear they’re saying good morning and welcome back.
I walk along the water’s edge.
My toes soften into the texture of the beach sand.
This feels just right.

My mind relaxes.
I take in the smells and sounds at hand.
I can taste the salt water.
And smell the warm breeze.
My hair blows across my face.
It’s good to be back.

There are small birds ahead.
They come alive as I approach them.
They follow each other, leaving tiny footprints in the wet sand.
They’re moving faster and faster.
I don’t want to scare them…
I stop and watch them until one by one they slowly fly away.
But not for long, they land just up the way.
Glad to see that.

The sounds of the waves are like music to my ears.
This is so lovely.
I want to stay, just a little longer.
As I continue my walk…
I stop as a wave comes all too close.
It splashes my legs.
I don’t wish to get wet.
Another wave comes to say hello.
I jump back.
It invigorates my heart.
It wakes up a smile.

A broken sea shell catches my eye.
I pick it up.
I study the beautiful fossils within it.
I slip it into my pocket.
There are more shells within my reach.
Each is so special.
I get down on my knees.
I feel so at home.

Next, I glide my hand through the treasure of shells.
I have to be selective.
I can’t take them all back home. Can I?
I find the perfect one that I plan to wear on my necklace chain.
I study it.
How did the perfect hole form, and was it made just for me?
I continue on my journey along the beach.

I look ahead and see some stones on the water’s edge.
They are so simple, smooth, and calming.
The water washes over them.
They are mostly shades of gray, so lovely.
As the water clears, I approach them.
Back down on my knees, I don’t care if I get a little wet.
The beach has invited me in.
This is where I belong.

Time has slowed me down.
My work can wait.
These treasured zen stones give such peace and harmony.
I find one formed for my thumb to rest.
It’s a keeper.
I select a few more stones to gift to friends.
I drop them into my bag.
I’ll place them around a candle to share the feelings of tranquility.

A few more people are walking the beach, many with sun hats on and heads down.
It’s time to enjoy my morning coffee.
I spread a beach towel out, and I take a seat.
The sun warms me.
I slip off my jacket.
I need my sunglasses. Oh, boy!

I pull out my coffee and a muffin.
The little birds are back.
If a single crumb is left, they are ready.
I could stay here for hours.
This is the perfect day.
I have arrived.
I am ready to start my day.
Come join me.
Perhaps you, too, might want to stay.


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