Read Poem: THE SEEKERS, by Mira


Hello to all seekers of the new world
Who didn’t lose faith and hope
To whom the hypocritical system of false values
didn’t change their mind, soul and manners
Where globalists are just marionettes of personal greed and desires
There is no brotherhood in dirty desires
You who have the right to freedom of choice
Collect all your joys
Because you are not someone’s a toys
In the world where power and money are the rulers of lost souls
Collect your lofty desires
To pray for a hungry, sick and wounded brothers
While they cut the maps of this world
I am a Seeker without a word
Falling to my knees
Wondering who holds the keys
About global warming,
There was a warning
Peace and humanitarian forces
Artificial biological viruses
Geopolitical divisions
There must be criticism
Where is the theory for laicism

Drowned refugees by mistake
Killers of marine animals, using supersonic submarines
And I don’t know how to swim
High frequency waves
Which they use to make us slaves
Using impoverished uranium
Where children get cancer as a result of plutonium
I’m speechless, like I’m blowing helium
Where industrialization and innovation made man into a robot
Where people became the logo

All seekers around the world
Let us resound in full voice
With the vibration of thoughts and hearts
We find peace and well-being pass
With a justice on a face
Be new powerful grace
The Power of the Creator of the Infinite Space.



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