Read Poem: My Room, by Kody Kozak

It’s dark in here.
I thought I liked it, once.
This was where I wanted to be, for so long…
I need to get out. I can’t.
Please, please just let me out…
Walls and doors. So many doors.
But they won’t open.
Not a single, wretched one.
This room is huge. When did it do that?
I’ve lost track. Door after door after door after
Door after door after door after…
All closed.
All locked.
No way out.
My light is dying…
I’m hungry. This room will not feed me,
Like it fed so many in the past. Selfish room.
Maybe if I just lay here… maybe in time one will open.
If I just lay here… maybe I’ll forget why this happened.
What I did to end up here.
I wish I could talk to someone.
These doors suck at that. They don’t tell me anything.
Maybe… if I just lay here…
I hope I can remember them,
What their faces looked like.
I can’t wait to see them again.
When one of these doors opens…

– Kody Kozak


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