Read Poem: Pull me Down from the Sky, by Julia Zellie

Pull me down from the sky
I’m scared of heights
Yet live so high
In the cosmos greatness drips excessively from
The palms of my hands
I am a dragon – I see my plan
I feel I know except when face up against man
Can’t escape being the sacrificial lamb
It’s who I am
Two of swords cut off my wings
Destined for land no matter my dreams
Such sadness this brings
Tears pour like springs
Stars twinkle to help me understand
I am stronger & wiser & that I can embrace my inner strength others sought to erase
“fall free or free fall?”
I sing as my soul questions eternity & all the miscommunication from the Sun
This mysterious darkness is scary yet I know I’ve won
What that is though, isn’t clear so I continue to fear
“follow the sound of my voice”
I hear as I flow without choice
I want to return to my base wherever that may be
Too much light inside now I burst
Becoming particles of soothing grace
Never to be replaced
Freely falling in the sky I exhale reasons why


Author: poetryfest

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