Read Poem: AN ODE TO DUSK, by Ritopriyo Saha

The best time of the day is dusk for sure
Run for my means is but a task obscure
Which, has come to an end for now
And ’tis time to take an honest bow
Bid adieu this while
To my good old friend
Of the morning vow

I run for my need, and
I earn for my creed
This world that we feed, and
This gold that we greed
All this fight for a greater flight
Has to come to an end now
And I, my soul return somehow

Now I can rest with my setting sun
Now I compare myself with none
Only swing with a melody in joyous bliss
A clap so silent my breath could kiss
Her cheek in rose in milk in cream
Her voice like husk in calm serene
Now I may talk, and not just scream

Talk with her and her soul alone
Dive in an ocean so marooned
It’s been wailing and crying, all this while
I couldn’t care for I had been vile
I was lost, and messed and crossed in ways
She never could pretend to find this maze
Of wondrous lustre; a rotten lust for haze

I have come now oh my darling me
Forgive me if I’d been far too free
I have known now to fall my robe
For ’tis but a method only to grope
For what’s not mine and can never be
‘Tis but a toy for my fun, for my glee
Come still water, I see you, d’you see me?

And the birds are chirping to their joy
A joy or a paranoia, which ahoy?
The light of dusk goes so slow you see
They cannot help but so sweetly wee
To their mates in calling for the night to pass
In a silent warm luke summer wash

In my garden chair I sit and stare
With grapes and berries I play solitaire
And feel so sunk in the juice of life amiss
Hear harmony sings, listen, retain, keep, it flees
Both of us will stay a-put tonight
In hope to wake again in the morning light

‘Tis no time to forgo no fear, no sorrow
‘Tis time to sleep now, for the run tomorrow


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