Read Poem: THE COLOR I WEAR, by Corean Strong

I love the color that I’m wearing
Don’t be offended because it’s daring
It’s also charming and appealing
You can embrace it if you’re willing

This color I wear has mystery and motion
It comes far across the Atlantic Ocean
It has history way beyond what’s written
That’s why some want to keep it hidden

It speaks loud without saying a word
As soon as you see me, I know I’ve been heard
Don’t get flustered by this beautiful hue
It only wants the same opportunities as you

This color I wear I wouldn’t change it for the world
Carmel, chocolate even chocolate-vanilla swirl
Bronze, brown, some black as charcoal
All creates this colorful manifold

Lean closer, there’s a truth that you must hear
This color is bold, confident, bears no fear
It comes from the cotton and tobacco fields, from the big house sweeping broom
To doctors and lawyers to your own CEO board room

This color has long-known cruelty and brutality
But, here is the truth and the reality
I will forge on through your senseless chatter
Because the color I wear knows that Black Lives Matter

It Matters because this color knows it’s often confronted by evil and hate
You’re just trying to get home then, trying to escape
Calling for your momma to come and comfort you, her child
As you see death coming in a little while

Many mourn because you did not heed
When the color I wear pleaded I can’t breathe
But it continues to happen one after another
And the color I wear continues to struggle

Are you upset because of what I have to say and
That these things are still happening today
Don’t hate me because I speak the truth
The color I wear will NOT be mute

The color I wear is rising UP
The color I wear is speaking UP
The color I wear is saying it LOUD
The color I wear is Black and I’m PROUD


Author: poetryfest

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