Read Poetry: A Sonnet-Song for C., by Glenn Beatty

Focused, quiet, brown eyes send
Calm, care, joy, laughter to befriend
Hearts and minds. We knew your kindness
Fully there for all, embracing, mindless
Of faults, simple family-like-strong ties
All beloved in your eyes.

We hunger for your light, we call
But gone, you, like quicksilver stol’n from us all;
Golden aura, golden smile, gone.
Beaming boy-face, soul-warming core, none.
No more full-hearted helping instant-essence,
Bestowing sun-brilliance with your presence.

To honor you, no, not true, we hover
Over these poor lines to recover
Everything you meant, mean, will be, to those
Who knew, know, experienced, choose, chose
To have befriended, received help, heightened,
Because we were cared for, lightened.
So full of life, father, son, brother, sister, friend
A joyful Lord created you for all to the very end.

Forever we feel your spirit call
Guiding, beguiling, urging us all
To use time well
To serve with joy all who in our spectrum dwell.

So, dear C, are you soaring with God on an Inspiring flight
or a forever gift to us, a star to guide our sight?
Both methinks: a universal and forever-friend, day and night.


Author: poetryfest

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