Read Poetry: Black Leather Boots Tonight, by Ardalan Pourvali

Her voice yells under water
atop a mountain no one can hear
Perpetual restless nights
There was a woman beneath the sphere.

She relies on her black leather boots,
A potted flower, every waking hour,
Stripped of her grounded roots

Black leather boots, what a sight,
her deserted eyes need sleep,
Black leather boots invite,
why, solitarily she weeps.

Rescue me, she whispers tenderly.

Black leather boots at night,
What an elegant disguise.
Black leather boots excite,
Only the lonely lives in her eyes.

She stopped shining,
her stars blinding

Love is fragile, life is fainting
She’s calling, she’s falling.

She sees him stride,
Dressed like her,
caressed like her,
in his black leather boots at night.

Black leather boots unite
on a bed of roses they sleep
Black leather boots tonight
Her weeping disappears.

Black leather boots ignite
holding back their fears
Black leather boots tonight,
Black leather boots premieres


Author: poetryfest

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