Read Poetry: DO NOT DISTURB, by Shartiera Wilkerson

Every flower isn’t for your harvest
I been soul searching for the longest
Only to find that my soulmate is me
Self acceptance is the greatest blessing
In every room I shut down I show up as me
I know you are enticed
I know I changed your life
I know you are draining mine
Do not disturb
Leave her where she is
You can’t handle it
Just watch from a disssstance

Window shop but don’t buy
The price of your peace of mind is too high
I know I am not what you like
And I ain’t willing to self sacrifice
No more no more

Just leeeeaaave me
More demands than a gps
I can’t keep up with your directions
Don’t tell me to reroute again
Im cuttin this shit off cuz I know where I’m goooooing
This ticking time bomb is not worth the stress
Hazardous wasted time we getting more toxic
I know I’m not your only option
I wanna know what’s stoppinnnnnn YOU
somebody will see me as I am and I will be their answered prayer
Why should I change who I am
When I can get someone who actually likes ME loves ME
DND leave me alone go find what you really want
I ain’t her and she ain’t me
A pick me is something I will never be
Mf this ain’t a game and I ain’t a create a player
I was wearing wigs when you met me
But now it isn’t good enough
I bagged you dressing sexy
Same wardrobe now that’s for hoes
You want a freak that doesn’t have sex
You want the teacher without the test
You want the baddie without the check so you can control her Xbox x

DND dnd leave me be

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