The Other Side, Poetry by Patsy Jawo

WILDsound Festival

Genre: Rhyme, People

The Other Side
by Patsy Jawo

There is good inside me
And I have learnt to show it
There is beauty inside me
And I have learnt to accept it
There is love inside me
And I have learnt to share it

Good people fill this world
And I now attract them
Great experiences await
And I now explore them
Abundance is my birthright
And I have claimed it all

Beauty all around me
Clearer than the dawn light
Power lies within me
Awaits my awareness
Amazing things are found
If only I seek them

Make of this what you will
Your reality thus
Not because it is true
So it is just to you
For your world you create
Your state of mind dictates

Immense freedom of choice
Always you have a voice
To influence within you
That which is without you
Right now with no…

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Pain Gain, Poetry by Patsy Jawo

WILDsound Festival

Genre: Life, People

Pain Gain
by Patsy Jawo

Stomach twisting pain
Surely death has come
I am alive
But how come

Brought me down
To my knees
Another reminder
Human mortality
Just how fragile
I am humbled

To feel pain
Is to be alive
To not thrive
Is to die
Life is the gain
From pain and strife

Momentary pain
How long this moment
Times of happiness
Periods of sorrow
It’s all or nothing

A big part of us
These emotions take
To remind of life
Not to define us
To wake our feelings
Not kill our being

I focus hard
Away from grief
That I may find
A helping hand
And come through this

Tis my journey
This my learning
My slice of life
To feel this gripe
Tis my yearning
To see this through

Find myself
Know myself
Grow myself
Through the pain
And the gain
Love my…

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The Coin, by Patsy Jawo

WILDsound Festival

Genre: Life, Society

The Coin
by Patsy Jawo

Over the hills, mountains and valleys
Lies beauty untold and mysteries unsolved
That which is only wondered about
As where things are pure, good and great
A place yearned for like a distant land
Only to be reached in the afterlife

In these cities, towns and villages
Are sights to behold, discover, treasure
That which there is never time to explore
And is here now and waiting to be seen
Experiences to be savoured, cherished
This life, the other side of the same coin

That which is near can also be afar
For distance is a creation of mind
Expressed as matter, so solid and real
Beauty is never here nor there, just is
Always can be appreciated
Enjoyed, visited, imagined, beheld

Life is neither before or after, just is
Laughter and love to be seized in the now
The now of…

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Sacred, Poetry by Patsy Jawo

WILDsound Festival

Genre: Relationship, Love

by Patsy Jawo

When you left I thought it was for good
Now I know you reside in my heart
On your anniversary I always sulked
Now I choose to wear bright colours
How dare I be so selfish?
Where was my gratitude?

I spent two years in a mental flood
Because of my own lack of control
I cried and begged for you to stay with me
I let others lead me
Not knowing all along you carried me
Indulged me and awaited my understanding

I was so hung up on losing you
I forgot to celebrate the great times we shared
I always knew there was a reason for you in my life
Little did I know I would have you only for seasons
You are my reason to smash my goals
Over and over, one by one, I smash them

Now I realise…

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Today’s INSTAGRAM Photos: Wednesday October 28 2015

WILDsound Festival

Today’s INSTAGRAM Photos: Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies. Poetry Performance Reading. Rainbow umbrella down the misty street.




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Today’s NOVEL Loglines and Story Pitches (Buy Online)

WILDsound Festival

Free logline submissions. The Writing Festival network averages over 95,000 unique visitors a day.
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Title: Karma Copia
Written by: Dana Cariola
Type: Novel a
Genre: Sci-Fi

Title: The Dying Dance
Written by: Ricardo M Fleshman
Type: Novel
Genre: Mystery-Thriller

Title: The Prince’s Man
Written by: Deborah Jay
Type: Novel
Genre: Epic Fantasy

Title: The Devil & Pastor Gus
Written by: Roger E. Bruner
Type: Novel
Genre: Speculative Christian/Satire

Title: Loose Threads: Cool Assassins 1
Written by: J. O. Quantaman
Type: Novel
Genre: Espionage, Alternate History, Science Fiction, Unresolved Romance

Written by: Jimi Fasina
Type: Novel
Genre: Thriller

Title: The Full Mood – A Priestess Tale
Written by: Pen Augustin
Type: Novel
Genre: Fantasy Fiction

Title: Final Hearing
Written by: Oscar Sanders
Type: Novel
Genre: Political Suspense Murder Mystery

Title: Off-World

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Who are we?, Poetry by Patsy Jawo

WILDsound Festival

Genre: Society, Life, Political

Who are we?
by Patsy Jawo

To dictate to others
Because of our bothers
To hate and victimize
People’s rightful ways
To live and exist freely
As what they were created to be
Not who we want them to be
Or indeed what we want to see
Disgusted by what we don’t want to see
Really disgusted by our own Selves
Disgusted by our own intolerance
Hatred we know is unfounded
Which we then compound into sets of values
Beliefs we merely create then stand by
As principles we hold dear and true
Pure fiction of the mind and intellect
Imagined based only on fear and lies
Fear of the unfamiliar and uncommon
Familiarity grows through fertile tolerance
And having things in common with others
Is achieved only by our acceptance
Lies so common we believe and trust them
Accept them without question or cares

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Heartfelt, Poetry by Patsy Jawo

WILDsound Festival

Genre: Society, Life, Rhyme

by Patsy Jawo

Beloved Great Britain
Variety so disparate
A unity so dignified
Entities so polite
Charming in all light
Despite seeming obstacles
Alight with vigour
A birthplace so detailed
Where wealth and love prevail
Delightful Edinburgh burns
Inside like a furnace flame
And London so lovely
Taking me in so comely
A prodigy in the making
A whirling sensation
As we move through stations
Amazing entities across nations
Remembering sacred Ireland
Excluded yet precluded
A peaceful serenity
Beautiful signatories
My buoyant inspiration
Redefining genteel
Rapports reveal purity
Of souls imbued
Through Countries, Towns, Cities
Vibrant people, things, places
Plants, Trees, Parks, experiences
Believers, atheists, spiritualists
Lesbians, Transsexuals, Bisexualism
Straight laced or gay brothers and sisters
Make no fatal mistake
There is only oneness in me
A love for one and all
Use not me, beliefs or bigotry
To destroy this love and unity

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Strong Man, by Patsy Jawo

WILDsound Festival

Genre: People, Life

Strong Man
by Patsy Jawo

My strong man
Grief is here
The load heavy
Ready or not

Your soul asks
That to which
No answer exists
No man knows

Be strong they say
Be a man they say
But what is Strong?
And what is Man?

Man is Strong
Man is Weak
Strong yet Weak
Weak yet Strong

Strength is a flaw
As hardness cracks
Weakness a force
Softness toughens

Fear not weaknesses
Fear nothing at all
Strong men take courage
In their whole being

Strong men know they’re strong
Real men know they’re weak
When all’s said and done
Knowledge is power

The irony is this:
Your strength is your weakness
For it is displayed to all
Your weakness is your strength
For it is hidden from all

    * * * * *

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On A High, Poetry by Patsy Jawo

WILDsound Festival

Genre: Romance, Love, Rhyme, Relationship

On A High
by Patsy Jawo

The way you walk, talk, do your thing
Your laugh, smile, the way you sing
Your nearness affects me like a sting
I’m bitten and now forever your play ground
You have me so smitten I do it all your way
I could never be the same again now I’m in those arms
I know I’m safe and on this plane there is only good
Our brood is perfectly perfect as we are so simply
Although there is nothing simple about perfection
There is an ease with which we respect all that is our self
And a humility that means we are revered by all
The power that is us is beyond comprehension
Our appreciation sees that we honour every being
For our eyes always see the truth in all that seems
By looking, seeing and knowing beyond all…

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