Read Poetry: A Forgotten Scent, by Curls

A flower fussed her scent in the vast of a drought field.

Craving to lure an amusement that surely will strengthen her built.

Leers peculiarly to subjected attraction yet moans an impassioned lilt.

She naively guarded herself with her own thorns to feel the comfortable guilt.

Stagnant cycle of season slithers past her unascertained heed.

Leaves, petals, and even her stigma flourished brightly to be curtsied.

Rattled by edginess by mused idea of affection grunts harder to concede.

Utterly unaware with those luxuriant insects who meanders around quite honeyed.

Kismet turned dearly frazzle as her stack’s delusion and realization bleaks to morose.

Professed stipulation to weave off shadiness of other insect to propose.

Her gorgeous blades started to cloak as her desire substantially discompose.

Hatred consumed her entire sense that even her resented fragrance fizzles as overdose.

A moment clinched as she confined herself while lurking inside her sepals.

Felt sudden annoyance to the bizzare guise of the wild flowers acting like crystals.

“No bees, butterflies, nor bugs shall descend on how you ramble.” she jabber thus bestial.

All smirk shifted to fiery glare as she expresses mockery dry down and dull.

Colony of bees roamed fully while she rested deeply in her own stems of lair.

Awakened by the empathetic drone then made her furious even if it’s just to stare.

Witnessed the riot over some nectar that she ever dreamed expression to be fair.

“I am dazzled with beauty, glamour, else perfection. Am I not attractive enough?” she begged to differ.

Miserably hid in silence to avoid the spikes forming in her cold dark heart.

“Enticing yet delicate” blasted by the butterfly whilst completely amazed by her come apart.

Startled by the curious gesture which also made her feel uplifted and continued to impart.

They both felt the strangest and strongest connection implicates that something is yet to start.

The butterfly spent his day to twaddle, gawk, and make her smile with just a distance close by.

“It’s my pleasure to see you bloom, finally.” He divulged. “Come closer.” She excitedly imply.

“I can’t.” he muttered as his face immediately explicit fear, anxiety, and inability to try.

Tension arises as her in-depth wrath constantly spoiled as her stutter outcry.

Day after day, the flower regrets the harsh doubts that made him left without a trace.

Weakened as the eroded damper enchants her entire system to wilt due to haze.

She began to slowly incline and shattered every hope to another phase.

Shock bonded her eyes as she sees the deteriorating familiarity deface.

Unaware that she liberates toxic nectar that harms other insects to death.

All of those who attempted and falls by her enticing scent will soon lose their precious breath.

Around her were diversified possession formed as a tragic beautiful wreath.

All of them will soon be forgotten just as how dust gasts in the isolated brooding heath.



Genre: Sadness, Death, Love, Fear, Anxiety