A LOVE POEM, by Nermin Delić

You know, Dinko is not guility
’cause you are burned by the Moon
and you threw a Love in the Universe

You know good what the eyes are becoming
Madame, you know that
when you bury a dead autumn
and on your door there is no
a keys of words
which would lave your cheeks in a Danube
like the nights without a sleeping
and some a little non-ferrous a mornings
which are tidying ugly with a silence

who knows what you touched
cause the best thing was happened
nothing happened.

Dinko told me
that you are silly in the last time
you throw tickets on road and, from the bus,
you gibe to nervous strangers
but I just wanted to hear from him
if you could love again

Genre: Love, Relationship, Life


Nermin DELIĆ (born on July 12, 1995) is a Bosnian poet and novelist. He was a student of the generation in Medical High School in a town Jajce. After a high school he started a Medicine University in Sarajevo (4/6 years). Also he is a known as a former young ambassador in USA who passed “Youth Leadership Program” of FIUTS organization (Seattle, WA D.C., 2013) and with that certificate, he is using his knowledge in his country. Publishing his first book, his publisher called him one of the most talented young authors in SE Europe.