Read Poem: Hope To my Green Eyed Gems, by Abbigail Elijah

Another tear travels down my
face And soaks my pillow
Oh what tears must meander down
your cheeks too!. . .
Motherless children, I wish
I could explain,
I wish you knew.

I look at myself, deep beyond
the eyes reflecting in the
mirror, only to see your
green whirlpools, staring back
at me, what a dazzling view.
Emerald forests of splendour,
do they sparkle?
Or are they dull too?

I know the Lord hears me when we
talk heart to heart . . . . .
Creator of those eyes we share,
wiping the tears, whispering
peace to each part.

Healer of souls, Redeemer,
He’ll replenish our days apart
Our future awaits,
a new journey,
our past will become blurred

Clinging to His Garment is MY
way forward,
please come back to me,
Lets build a new future,
a fresh start?
I long for you both,
like me,
I long for you to be freed.

A.E. 14-06-19