Adieu my sweet…, Poetry by Dr. Pan Gabrielides

 Genre: Romance

 Adieu my sweet…

From: Moonless Nights…

A collection of romantic poems/songs…

Copyright by Dr Pan Gabriel, Ph.D.

Author’s note: The following anthology of poems/songs and essays center around the romantic fire/attraction between men and women. The male protagonist’s name is always going to be ‘Jason’ and the female’s ‘Julia’.

Love and light my friends!

Dr Pan Gabriel

The last few weeks Jason’s soul has been crossing the plain of desolation,

The type of place where you’re dead but alive,

The type of place where you’re human but you’re not,

The type of place where wraiths go that are beyond the grip of alcohol…

Jason began to wonder whether it’s worth going on,

And then, he remembered,

He remembers her name,


A little life colors Jason’s face,

Something very faint stirs in him,

He remembers being in her sweet arms,

Interest flickers in his glazed eyes…,

Memories, bittersweet memories,

Lying in each other’s arms,

Jason, the fool, her, the wise one,

Jason, fishing in troubled waters, too blind to see or care?

Her, hurting so much, clinging to what meager love she could find…,

What were those nights like?

Happy hours together,

Wooing, wanting, kissing, touching,

Talking, laughing, playing…

Jason spent time with her Mom, he spent time with her Dad, who were his own age,

Jason enjoyed her immensely,

Yet, yet beneath the surface,

Jason was nursing the huge hole in his soul,

Julia sensed the other woman between them,

Jason sensed the other man between them…

So, here they were, two kindred spirits,

Deeply in love with two other people,

Seeking solace in each other’s harbors’,

Like ghost ships, lost in some watery wilderness,

Like birds who have forgotten how to fly…

Yes, what were those nights like?

Can Jason lift the veil sufficiently to see?

He tries, he gives up, he gives up on the night, instead he writes her,

Julia responds, asks how he is,

She’s still hurting, her wound still there,

Jason senses her pain, it goes thru him like a javelin,

The healer in him responds,

He gives her what he can,

He sends her love and light and laughter…,

And crawls back to his memories…,

Pressing replay over and over again…

Fast-forward a couple of years,

They meet again, they’re still two emotional shreds,

Yes, like a drug addict, Jason is immensely enjoying his fix of her,

Julia’s emotionally wounded body, tight against his,

Her head buried in his bosom,

Her breath gentle on his chest,

Her smell calming to his nostrils,

Jason: “Oh, my love, oh, my sweet darling friend,

How differently I would do things now,

How different my words would be, how different my feelings,

How different my touch, how different my kisses,

How free I would be, how happy I would be…,

But, alas, it was just not meant to be…”

Adieu my sweet…


    * * * * *

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