Affection Affair, by Unforgiven

It touches me to feel it
Touches me to feel the love
Offered for free
By people who understand its meaning
Is pretence worth it?
You don’t want to be loved?
Disgrace to you that extinguish
The sparks that light up someone’s heart
You that shatter dreams
You that end lives
You that make up excuses
Not to be with some one that loves you
Because you didn’t feel like it?
Because they didn’t have money?
Because they didn’t have the height?
Because it didn’t satisfy you?
Because you were afraid of being dumped?
These insecurities make up lust
Lust for other human beings.
Lust for people who will end up
Hurting the heart you dearly protect
And leave you desperate
You will end up giving advice to
The ones
In the budding stages of TRUE LOVE
Who value its worth.