Read Poem: AN ODE by Asanda

“repeat often”

All is loss, when all are lost
Beyond reason and doubt we cling to life
Few sit and ponder the truth of frost
Hence reasonable doubt compounds strife
Few remain that let loose the reigns
When war and famine bring forth dark
Non understand the true power of fate
When its death that brings forth life with a spark

“reinforce often”

I cling to a loose understanding of life
I’m lost in loss, understanding nothing at all
The gift we all share, yet from it we hide
How is it we live and yet are destined to fall?
Under the covers, like babes of kangaroos
Dark is a man’s soul who listens not to children
Its darkness we love when truth seekers are few
The light is forever lost when non revere women

“invoke often”

Kneel before him, the great I AM
Lay your love and life for her, mother of all
Worship his image and likeness in your life span
For she is the miracle in which all are in awe
Meditate on his wisdom so you can learn truth
Dedicate your life to her and be without doubt
He is not above or around, for he is you
She is the essence of your soul, which is within and without