Read Poetry: THE OUTSIDE, by Prateek Nair

Genre: Dark, Angry, and Life

Standing in the outside looking in,
The look of innocence resonates the outer skin,
But the true being within doesn’t represent where all
the outside has been
Fond, sweet, and soft to the touch,
Seeming heavenly until the devil’s strut spawns the
truth that makes you cringe and your jaw clutch

Causing pains in the head that reaches the tip of the
Belief is absent for you do not dare believe anything
that this outer shell said
Never judge a book by its cover, that’s truth be told,
For once you assume you are opening yourself to be
stricken low with a truth that will sicken those like the
common cold

Lies and thoughts of the mind intertwine ruining
expectations and complicating lives,
While the truth may lie inside,
Falsity of the imaginative kind,
Flutter your mind and give yo

* * *

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