Read Poetry: ANNABELLE, by Fadrian Bartley

Object succumb to silence from an alley of dark void

Fouls air flowing through the old wooden window

The expression of fear on the face of an old woman in a rocking chair

One finger prick by a cushion needle, when utters a verse of old riddle


Reflection from the moon through a dusty curtain

With the sound of a rushing wind swiftly disturb

Something flowing in the misty air looking to be settled

Trapped to an object of affection, a gift the child find infatuated


Doesn’t breath, no eyes to see

No trace of heartbeat pattering

Hollowed look and strange eyes, rest in the hand of a little girl

Standing at the doorway with a length of hair blowing in the misty wind


A metamorphic grandma have seen

The child utters ‘’you are in a dream’’

The slamming window and banging doors, the frighten child scream

And dropped a strange looking doll on the floor


A prayer whisper from the old widows lips

While a thick dark cloud causes the sun to eclipse

Only to lid a candle stick, she spoke ‘’pick up the doll my child’’

Foot steps ascending from the wooden floor beneath, And the child was nowhere to be found


The silence patter with an heartbeat

A  leaking pipe dripping softly from the other side of the silence

Up the stairs on wooden floor

Are heavy steps from tiny feet’s

The turning sounds of an open door, there stand a doll with hollowed creeps