Bottom Of The Bottle, by Laye Da Writer

With this last drop I know the memories disappear

Going a step further to erase the fear

Depression is usually the killer

But these toxins are a different filler

Not living for tomorrow just want the now

I’m off a Fifth ready to ride out on the town

Sip after sip just chilling my veins

Call it what you want but with more I release my chains

I’ll keep going no need to encourage, slight work

Get help, I don’t care to I need to see where the evils lurk

Functional I always am way too much to lose so I proceed

A brick wall waiting my arrival destined from the planted seed

Has anyone stepped in to intervene the pain

Actually nope they just watch as I fall below the curve not accessing the strain

Numb to “are you ok”

Dulled by “itll get better”

Scarred from “the only way to get better is to talk about it”

Well let me tell you first hand this liquid has cured

Cured more than any person with a degree could fathom

Won’t even come close to understand why I do what I feel is natural

Remember the fifth I mention hell I’ve gone through my 3rd and its only been 2 hours


Give me my keys I no longer wish to sit around waiting for help

Rather than wait ill just go find it

May hit a couple of bumps on the way

Hell one of those bumps may create my brighter day

You wanted the insights of my mind well here they are

Now deal with the monster that comes

Tame him you wouldn’t dare

Man it’s getting bad the night just started and he’s not stopping

It’s feels great not to feel at all

Dead to emotions when I get this way and I have the dark light mixture swirling in this bottle

If they ever find me flipped over somewhere know I hid my friend under the seat

-Laye Da Writer