Read Poem: Broken Lover, by Daniil Prikhno

Make love to me as if it’s the first time you fucked me after we met.

I know things about you that you aren’t capable of knowing.

Some, many times I crawled back to us,

You pretended that emotion no longer bind us, and we’re not allowed to have sex.

Every time I see you I force myself not look at the watch,

Because time stops and besides we’re not right for each,

This is practice for new people we might meet down the road.

I can count things, that hold you back, up to a hundred,

Faster than my pretend-luxury car goes zero to sixty.

I won’t ever be able to tell you the words that will save your life,

If I whisper them into your ear, you won’t hear me.

I no longer fear rejection and lie to myself about things that give me anxiety,

So that fake me will made into the man I always I wanted to be.

It’s make-belief, but it soothes my chapped lips and bruised ego.