Broken, Poetry by Austin Thomas

Genre: Society

 What does it mean to be broken? Damaged beyond repair maybe? When I speak of being broken I am referring to the emotional state of a single human being. That human being I am making reference to is I. I like so many young boys and girls fell into the false reality of someday meeting my Juliet and living happily ever after. So, that would mean I had to have thought of myself as Romeo. Well, this story doesn’t have a happy ending. I don’t wind up getting the girl nor do we fall romantically in love. What I earlier on mistakened for love turned out to be a ways off. Jordan was her name. Alike the shoe, she was well sought after and not easily obtained. Before, I knew it I was in head over heels for her. With time, we grew apart from one another. It just so happens that we share the same zodiac sign and birth month. Every February I can’t help but think of her.


    * * * * *

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