Read Poetry: Never give up, by Awodirepo Olabayo

When Ink fails the writer
The ballpoint refuses to roll.
When the sheet isn’t looking better,
And some words are missing on the scroll,
Oh! How unfortunate are the readers!

When the motivational speaker runs out of words
Air refuses to pass out through his bucal cavity. When all he could have is vocal without
And a deep touch of boring words with no sanity.
What a loss for the depressed and discouraged!

When the greatest singer of all time runs out of lyrics,
The best rapper can’t just get two lines to rhyme,
The builder becomes scared to touch the bricks
And the fastest man runs out of time.
What a funny tragedy has struck the surface of the earth !

Fill up your Ink o writer
Pick up some better pens
For the readers are waiting.

Wake up o motivational speaker
Be filled with the right utterances
For the depressed are dying.

Come back alive o singer
Be filled with melodious songs of hope
For some hopeless hearts are weeping.

Get your lines right o rapper
Cast away your fears o builder
For on you, many are relying.

Be strengthened o runner
I tell you it is not over
To win is your calling.


* * * * *

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