Poetry Reading: Part Conversation with Homlo, by Bhekuzulu Khumalo

Performed by Matt Barnes



Producer: Matthew Toffolo http://www.matthewtoffolo.com

Director: Kierston Drier

Casting Director: Sean Ballantyne

Editor: Kimberly Villarruel

Camera Op: Mary Cox

Read Poem: Part Conversation with Homlo, by Bhekuzulu Khumalo

What are you doing here?
You don’t know whose cave this is,
I dwell here, I Homlo, a dragon guard
I dwelled here long before you came here
I saw them create you, a man they called it.
A man, what is that, one chuckled
Now you have buildings to the sky’s
Your mind reaches to the furthest corners of the universe, man they called it.

How did you find my dwelling?
Dwelling here since your first time, your first age as man,
Now I still observe from my dwelling.
How in all the powers of the universe did you reach here
Few men can talk with me
How did your mind reach my dwelling?
All bothered by something, what bothers you human?
You must tell me how you got here, your mind.
Twisting the body, the spirit, can you twirl your spirit?
Expand it, contract it, well for you, human,
Just feel its expansions, it’s contractions, imagine a mind controlling that
Not you human.
What can I do for you?
What are you?

The oppressed,
Mind searching everywhere for freedom.
I have shared a word with many such folk.
I can categorize you all,
From meeting your representatives, crazy isn’t it.
Who is denying you freedom,
Who cares it’s all the same, freedom denied is freedom denied.
If I could be you, I can’t,
I would hate the fact that freedom is lacking first above all else.
Then unfortunately, it is difficult to have a strong mind,
I have seen all these things.
Hate that there is no freedom before hating the opponent, human,
Eventually you will hate your opponent, nothing comes out of it.
Don’t hate him or her,
Your language is him or her these days.
I have been around man,
Your expressions change with the ages, but still a consistent bunch.
How can somebody ever talk of freedom when they have hate in them, I have never understood that about humans. The thought I am free but they are evil, over come it that’s all I can say.

What do you want me to say, you are the magic,
You are the magic, free your mind
Overcome it and take a step towards freedom, try it,
Don’t forget to fight for your freedom.

You not oppressed,
You have freedom.
Freedom confuses you, are you one of those. From the robber class
All elites are robber class, yes they are.
What boy do you think is the giving of privileges, money doesn’t make you elite
Privilege does, force you they do, force you to share with em
Ay boy, I was there when money was created,
Swear swear, swear on all the other dragons
I was there when idea of money was conceived,
Money was to go to those who serve society,
No, no, that is much later, now what where the words of Zonla,
Money was his idea, well to give you,
Humans love to share, have to share to survive, don’t worry about it, learning process
Learn what you don’t know, and money is perfect tool for sharing.
That’s it, money
A tool for sharing,
Evil, please you are evil, they take where they have not sown, privilege.
Don’t give me those looks,
What weak mind made it to my dwelling
Sharing man, sharing human
Think about it, or don’t waste my time,
Money, proper cash, they created for sharing.
No, you, what are you, who are you?
The searcher of knowledge,
Hmmm, you just want to know stuff
Where it all started, how it works, now that’s good,
Just know how it works
Forget about end of the universe, if meant to be you get there,
Just know how it works, everything you see.
There you are human,
Get to know how it works,
Share that knowledge, that’s how it was supposed to be, before hate,
Imagine that, a tool of hatred causing such madness, how ironic,
Wish I could see Zonla’s face now, look at your madness.
Told him humans are too weak, never listens.
That’s money, well Zonla’s idea, sharing, primitive shits, as if you could understand sharing.
Tell me what you want.

What lies,
Money can only buy knowledge,
It can’t buy anything else, a tool for sharing and by sharing progress for all.
Didn’t take long for you guys to corrupt it, it’s very idea,
What do you want human? What do you want with me?

Know how it works, oh man
Are you dumb, that’s it know how it works and go and share your knowledge
That’s freedom, that’s money.
Don’t forget to get yourself a nice mate and reproduce.
Money, money money, money, what are thinking about?
If you are oppressed
When you win
Make sure money represents sharing
Sharing that, sharing this, and that over there if somebody wants it
Sharing, understand it as sharing boy.
Oh you hurt
Don’t like being called boy,
Homlo apologizes, you listen well.
I am Homlo, I dwell here and aware of much
He wants freedom, he wants freedom, he wants freedom
I got you didn’t I,
You like it no, money, just a tool for sharing I swear, I was there.

Easy there human
I have been around talked to your wisest, well some reach me
Who knows for what
What are you here for, a conversation
Darkness comes, but morning comes
For ever darkness and light, constant cycle
Got you, no wise words for you
The light has more photons.
Been with your kind countless day and night or is it night and day.
Sang with your man of war
We going to bath in their blood
We swim in blood,
We swim in blood tomorrow
Stuff like that, a little bit around.
Thundering thunder
Thunder my second one
Always sulking
Always brooding
I love you boy
Lightening my first boy
When ever lightening says hello be sure my family is strong,
Young thunder answers,
You like that, you want to meet the very ancient,
There is always more out there, more ancient than the last,
Why bother?

Take care to share
Arrogance and deception will bring human race down
Money can bring out best, but usually worst in many
Don’t doubt me human
I take gamma baths and get stronger
I dance on gravity
My very thoughts create heat.
Thunder and lightening are sons of mine mothered by Fontali
Princess of the dragon lord himself
She was a love
Wonder where she is?
You cry human for loads, even the ancients have loads
What ever happened to Fontali?
My Fontali