eyes on you, by Brooke Nind

trying to fly under the radar doesn’t work out
when you can’t squeak by without a squeak
you feel invisible most of the time, yet you
draw the most attention to yourself with these
little, insignificant movements of your body

the squeaking of a chair in class as you shift your
weight from one side to the other, or try to sit up
straighter; it brings eyes to your blushing face
that no one’s looked up at in a while

we’re not always noticed for the things we’re
proud of, but we’re often noticed for what we’re
embarrassed of. however, there’s also these
little in-betweens- you’re just living and breathing,
and you’re noticed. isn’t that comforting?

Genres: inspirational, hope, society

link: https://myhighschooladventures.travel.blog/2020/03/14/eyes-on-you-poem-by-me/