Read Poetry: THE AIR, by C.S. Jones

Before there were rolling fields
Sprawling from Eastern to Western
horizon’s eyes
Before there were jagged cliff shields
Falling deep, keeping us from water churns
Beneath birded skies
-there was the air.

Before there were colors splashed
In raining jungle mazes
And shaded tree canopies
Before birds nested in twigs and leaves meshed
On heights lower than Mount top hazes
And living things made living copies
-there was the air.

Before we feasted on beasts
And on the birth of the earth
Or when the wild ate us too
Before we had more and least
Or gold measured worth
And man came in many a hue
-there was the air.

Before tongue sounds told lies
And there were good and bad books
Crafted from dreams or daydreams
Before we could blame or despise
Our gods for our luck or looks
And mirrors told what seems
-there was the air.

Before stars sparkled against the black
Night and their scatter was read
For the signs and spells
Before our strength was in our backs
And wholly men stood in holy stead
With their head in prison cells
-there was the air.