Read Poem: Broken Heart, by Farin Powell

“You’ve broken heart syndrome,”
the doctor says.
Such a poetic title
for a sickness that can’t be cured.
Little veins break,
around your heart, you don’t see the blood,
but you feel the burn.
The cells die, then,
they revive when you breathe.


Years ago, he left home
without a word,
leaving me with a broken heart.
I’m traveling on a train,
but the images travel with me,
the sleepless nights
when his fever reached the roof,
the first day of school,
his prom night, his college years.

I get off the train & go home;
some one has painted his face
on the pane of the windows,
on the wall,
on my pillow.
I put my hand on my chest,
feel the heartbeat and wonder:
how much more broken can it get?
Why don’t you let go?


I look at the closed door of his room,
I can still hear his voice.
I miss his laughter,
his jokes…
The dreams I had
die one by one;
I won’t be seeing his wedding,
I won’t be watching his child grow,
instead, I’ll be asking why forever.