Read Poem: PRETTY BLACK GIRL, by J. Lathen

A lil Country girl was she
Her skin was smooth and chocolatey

She would walked to preschool with her Daddy right by her side
Ummm she remembers the smell of the early morning breeze

Oh my that was a good memory

Pretty black Girl didn’t have a care in the world
In Girl Scouts she was the only lil black girl

Pretty black didn’t give it much thought like most would
She was happy she got to go to an upper-class neighborhood

She was called the N word at school
By a white girl
The word rolled off her tongue so effortlessly but it shattered Pretty black’s world

Although Pretty black didn’t know what the word meant at such a young age
It seem to be powerful because the white girl said it with such rage

What a dreadful memory

Umph! Pretty black really didn’t pay it no mine
Because it was very few there of her kind

The Teacher would say, “repeat the pledge of allegiance after me”
Pretty black didn’t have a clue she wasn’t in the land of free

Although mama & nem had limited education
They made sure pretty black went to school everyday without hesitation

Pretty black would go to work with her mother whom she adored
Only to watch her clean white people houses and scrub their floors

Pretty Black vowed that she would never be nobody’s maid
The image of her mother cleaning houses have never strayed

Pretty Black felt the need
to do what her Parent’s couldn’t do and that’s go to school and succeed