Read Poetry: When You was in the World, by Linda Hay-Gibbs

When you was in the world My heart beat a little faster My song was more in tune

When you left it there was disaster

And I know I will leave it soon But Will I find You again I want to make amends You were my adventure My greatest love

My FireĀ  My Pure from above I knew You were meant for me But Frankly You scared me silly and I did have pause If not the Greatest cause To run and I did! I ran far and wide I tried to forget! I lied but In my mind and heart you steadfastly remained Like a blood stain you can’t bleach away that pain A crater on Mars that will last till end of days It’s remarkable to me that so much pain and misery also draws such excitement and longing Such wishes and even if wrong it was good There was something given from above A rich long lasting thundering love but It was for naught because the pain was so intense no matter what was meant what was earth shattering was horror gathering caught between heaven and hell a clear hesitant bell to say run Run RUN and I did being the coward I am I couldn’t wouldn’t stand my ground because you swept it out from under me and I drowned in your excellency but burned in the pain of our destiny I called I asked forgiveness Told you I always did and always would have This heaviness My heart rolls around and from time to time remembers the white hot excellent love but quickly dims like a shooting star shot above It’s pain that replaces the exquisite It’s the pain I can’t resist The fear and betrayal of all My world turned upside down My scratching and clinging to sanity when all was calamity intermixed with you so I the fool just loved you for fifty years and remember thru all my misery and tears and try to think on the good like all proper people should and unglued the bad that we had but now You are gone And I know For the emptiness is low and so remember When you was in the world and my heart curdled and curled around your being and I hope one day to seeing you One more time Then I remember You were mine before anyone else but now theres nothing and the world is never kind even if I was blind Take that part of me with you I miss it but I’ve grown used to a partial heart it’s never mended just kept on beating without it being whole it’s all I know.


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