Read Poetry: Just, you.., by Marc Libidinsky

…coffee…bitter for the day;
Sweet as your smile;
Creamed with your words…Wake up,
Sleepy Head…

…a hug…for the bitter day;
Affectionate nibbles;
Sounds, more convincing than words…A hug,
Lady Bug?

…talking in your sleep…not finished with the day;
A tender kiss on your head;
Our tomorrow can wait…Dream true dreams,
My love…

Read Poetry: Via De Cristo, by Marc Libidinsky

I watch You pray upon Your knees

In the garden of Gethsemane,

And hear Your voice, both sure and meek,

Travail in earnest agony;

Still, wondering at Your sweat and blood –

Is strength in this and is this love?

I watch in silence as You stand

In silent protest, a just man;

Watching, see a man so wracked,

Without help, so attacked,

Until death brings some peace,

If not a just and sweet release.

I watch the faithful lay You down,

Anoint with myrrh Your bloody brow;

And, one by one all disappear,

Fearing as the night draws near:

Yet, with the morning mourning flees

As You ‘rise and bring sure peace.

Your Grace is strength and purity;

So, when I wonder at its reach,

From Heaven’s height to Calvary,

From life to death to victory,

From first confessions to the last;

I find Grace equal to the task

Your crucifixion posed to me,

So bare my cross as pleases Thee.

(c) Marc Libidinsky, 2017