Read Poetry: How to walk on the moon, by Micheal Ace

Your arm needs to be strong
If you wish to neil your dreams to trees
And watch as they mock the wind.

To survive is to walk out of fire
With wet skin and damp cloth.

How do we know you’ve spelt survival
If you do not send your ashes home-
To burn is to become a new being.

Mother punished my brother last night
She rubbed pepper over his prick.

I heard him groan; fighting for peace.
I heard him say he’ll grow up, find freedom
And watch mother starve, in pain, to death.

He knew what it means to seek vengeance
But not survival- he left home at dawn.

Do not cut yourself if blood startles you.
You cannot win a war without wasting a soul
And you cannot lose without being a wasted soul.

To survive is to eat a neighbour’s flesh
And drink from another man’s blood.

But there are already footprints on the moon
You do not need a strong arm anymore
Or need to neil your dreams to trees

You just need to write a suicide note
And set to walk on the sun- live

Breaking new boundaries