Read Poem: Love Everlasting, by Oscar Wager

A haunting tale of love and life,

About a husband and his lovely wife.

Her life ended in a flash,

She was too young when the car crashed.

After her death, she watched over him,

One day, he went for a drive on a whim.

The car broke down on a lonely street,

It was wintry cold, and the car had no heat.

Some time in the night, he saw the lights of a tow truck,

And he couldn’t believe his wonderful luck.

He flagged the driver to the side of the road,

And asked the cost for the car to be towed.

They hooked up the car and climbed into the cab,

Without another thought of the tow truck’s tab.

When they stopped at the garage, to drop the car off,

Mention of the bill made the driver scoff.

He said the woman that waved him down the road,

Had paid the bill for the car to be towed.

This caused the man some confusion,

There was no woman with him; it must have been an illusion.

When the driver described the woman that night,

She had red hair, green eyes, and was dressed all in white.

The man pulled out a picture of himself and his bride,

And asked the driver if SHE had paid for the ride.

The driver agreed that she had flagged him down,

And she had been standing on the outskirts of town.

The driver took the man to see the exact place,

And when they arrived, he held his hands up to his face.

It seems that the driver had talked to the bride,

In the stretch of road where the woman had died.