Read Poetry: Fragments, by Pam Sears

We are simply fragments,  you and I

Once floating in the cosmos

Longing to experience unity with another,

with something tangible, something to touch and behold

To know that we are not alone…ever

To feel the exquisite touch of the ocean

Or a moss covered stone

Or the soft fold of a puppy’s face

Fragments….a spark of creation

Sent out into the world to experience Love

To experience touch and sensations of grandeur

An apocalypse bursting into sunshine

The truth of who we are…where we came from

Longing to return home

Yet what if we are always home

Knowing it’s just a thought, a feeling

Asleep or awake, always home

Fragments are all we are

Fragments of the divine

Interspersing with one another

Maybe for a moment, maybe a lifetime

Fragment of me, fragment of you

Joined through the heart



Pamela Sears….. July 4, 2017