Poem: Romance, by Peter J. Frady

Genre: Rhyme, Romance

The Dance of Sensual Sensation.
Given to US to break daily Frustration…
A rushing of Hot Blood
As the Waters of a Flood…
Through our veins, until She
Intoxicates, Bending rational thought,
In Our Brain… All along feeling shame…
Sometimes causes Erotic Complications
To Our Worldly Self Declaration…
Is This Emotional Feeling Overrated..?
And to Our Lives make more Complicated?
Rocking, Rolling or Midnight Strolling,
Looking for another Dance,
With the Dizzy Thought of Sweet Romance…
Not the Hot Feeling in Your Pants…
Please.., Don’t hesitate for Your chance…
Taste the fruit as You Dance,
All brought to You by, Yes
Aaaaaahhhhhhh, Sweet

    * * * * *

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