Read Poem: Do You See Me?, by Poet4God

Do you see me?
Or the color of my skin?
Can you see what I could be?
Or just see me as the word that starts with the letter N?

Do you see me as a gentleman?
A man that will hold the door open?
Proving that chivalry isn’t dead I’m hoping
Or do you see me as a threat because the system is broken?

Do you see me or the clothes that I wear?
How about the way I style my hair?
You pass judgement on me and call it an opinion
Is that because all you see is someone that fits the description?

I find it real funny
When you call me a monkey
But if you say man started this way
Then I ask you this question humbly
Wouldn’t that make you one of me?

Do you see me?
Or do you see a stereotype?
Walking on the same side of the street while you clutch your purse real tight
Heart filled with fright; did you then realize all of that was hype
Because I smiled real bright and said good morning…I was just being polite

Hopefully when you look, you see the God in me
That’s who I am trying to be like honestly
He’s the soothing voice I hear in my ear
When you are trying to tell me, I do not belong here

See you don’t define who I am
God has already defined who I am
I show you love because that is what God commands
But best believe I fear no man

Can you see me?
I want you to see me as a God fearing man
But weather you do or don’t, it is who I am
I am saved and washed by the blood of the lamb

See me as someone God was willing to create
To be salt to the world to help make this a better place
And love everyone regardless of race
So, when you look at me I hope you see his face

Can you see me?
I really hope you do
Because while you show so much hatred towards me
I’ll be the one praying for you!