Read Poetry: IN A ROOM (no love, only lust), by Prince Kutch

In the night I see no light,

When it starts I never stop.

Like a fight of no turning back

When you were mine I’ll lose your mind.


Take me to a heavenly desire

Bring me to an addictive drive.

An imagery of flesh and lust

Sinking in an spiritless love


My eyes were veiled by beautification

My ears were covered by pleasing sounds

My body is paralyzed like a “Man I Kin”.

My heart is confused between love and lust.


Dear Eve why you took the fruit of ecstasy

Dear Adam why you ate the fruit of temptation

Dear satan what had you done

Dear Me what you’ll gonna do.


In the world where lying is normal

In the age where Pornography is a ritual

In a life where heart is just a pumping machine

In a room where there’s no Love only Lust.


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