Read Sonnet: Behold, the artistry of Mother Nature, by Rishabh Parmar

Behold, the artistry of Mother Nature
Flawless and seraphic
Little-bitty birds tweeting on the soggy branches
’tis mother Earth, not mine or not thine

Behold, the puissant rain
’tis shower time of the Earth
Clouds art blazing like king of the beasts
Taking stunning snapshots from the loftier berth

Behold, the children
Blissful creatures of the sturdy world
bring joyousness to the old man’s heart
who is waiting for his fortune, to be unrolled

Behold, ’tis thine future
that has to be nurture.

Read Poem: Hot New Summer Day, by Rishabh Parmar

’tis a playing field for many kinds
out in the arena, to discern the companionship of the puissant sun
’tis a hot, new summer day , blithe and sound
maketh thou run, run, run…

syrupy voice of nightingale, fills candied fondness
brisk zephyr from mount, gives the kiss of life to excitement
’tis a hot, new summer day, with couthy happiness
pulpous din of childlike leaves, giveth splendiferous compliment

Always, be youthful, thou art not old
sayeth the mighty tree
’tis a hot, new summer day, nitid and bold
thine cravings should never perish that maketh thee free

Last, but not the least
hot, new summer day bids thou for the feast.

Read Poetry: Shakespearean Sonnet#1 – Dot, by Rishabh Parmar

Dot maketh a man blind, beware of the outcome
’tis a drought, fandangle dingus
maketh a relationship, acerbic as rum
’tis not an espousal, ’tis a fungus

Humans , worshipers of everything
Gods, demons or a fane
find occurrences to dance, and sing
a merry song written by the bride that is dead

Laud the groom for his kingly stratagem
thou art foolish, methinks
thine foolishness will ingest the mankind
in no time, entire world will shrink

Dot indites a mephitic story
expounds its frail glory.

Read Poetry: New World Shakespeare #1, by Rishabh Parmar

New World Shakespeare #1

Thou art love. Thou art warmth

Thy life is mine, my heart is Thine

Oh my love! doth you feel my fondness?

My puissant desire for you is limitless.

– Rishabh Parmar (Author and Poet)